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From a Unique Style to Your Online Store, using the Template ready to be personalized by your needs and Creativity.

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Jump-start Your Business, using your Professional Applications , and the customizable Modules iokita to Create an Online Store Successful.



Create an Online Store completely customized.

With Drag & Drop, iokita makes it Easy to Customize and Upload the Products in your Shop Online.

Add Images, descriptions, prices, calculates taxes and costs for Shipping, sending, fast shopping cart payment System Automated.


Translate the shop up to 25 languages.




Why Spend more for less?

You know, when you start a physical Store or Online the number of products is less consistent in the initial phase, the storage space is sufficient. With the passing of time our products may increase and the storage space decreases, but consequently will increase the costs for new spaces and logistics. With iokita this does not happen because you offer a Solution unlimited "All-Inclusive" always in the same investment.



Your Web Site with iokita is Safe.

Certificate, SSL Protocol, Https Security Including.

Your Content is Safe, right button is disabled it is not possible to copy text from the pages they download photos.

Working in Freedom!

Manage your Sales from Anywhere,

from any Device.

You have everything you need to build

your own beautiful Online Shop.

The only thing that we can give you is

the Desire to Do .. . to that, you have to think You.

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