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You put the Ideas... iokita Technology.



Free Domain*


Free Template

Customize and make official your fantastic web site by Registering your Domain Name for Free for life of the site. * Standard Extensions

Do you want to speed up the creation of your website? Use one of the many Template professional available from iokita.com

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence used by iokita you can create a website in minutes, or Create it from scratch.

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Protocol HTTPS

The Https protocol, included in the Pro version. A secure website is important not only for you but especially for those who visit your website.

Scale search engines Thanks to Applying SEO Pro. Allows you to OPTIMIZE your professional website without being an expert.

iokita.com provides you with all the app. that serve to create an e-commerce professional, just switch to the Pro version




Banner Ads.

Insert the Banner Google Ads on your website or blog and Monetize with advertising. Place the banners is a breeze, you just have to click.

Reach your public, in all parts of the world. With the Automatic Translator Pro. of iokita you can translate up to 25 languages in your Web Site.

Using different counters to give life to your website by making it professional. Clock, countdown, count visits, etc





You are in the field of the show? With the our App. Create Incredible Web Sites extremely Professional for your Events, Parties and Community.

Make Fantastic your Web Site? Our app. allows you to add Music and Audio to your Professional Web Site with a single Click.

Using the App.Video to enter your amazing Videos youtube, Vimeo or other. Create a Blog with iokita and insert Video is very simple.

Why Should Switch to the Version for Professional?

Scale the Search Engines
Optimize Your Website
Switch to Professional Version to Use SEO PRO
image-660_1543989889994.jpgSwitch to the PRO version
Professional Statistics
Control the growth of public with professional statistics
image-414_1543995830911.jpgProfessional Email included in the Subscription
5 eMail
Email PRO for Your Website
image-729_1543996418728.jpgProfessional Service
Tell your audience about news send news.
image-748_1543996979332.jpgCreate Password Protected Pages
Protect Website Pages
Protect Website Pages
image-136_1543997724872.jpgARE YOU A CAPE?
Change the Code of Your Website
The PRO version allows you to modify the Heade / Body code
image-453_1544003565278.jpgDecide for the Annual Subscription and Savings
Your Free Domain Name for All Renewals.
Save 2 Months / year + Free Domain Name

Why should I use iokita?


If you want to create a web site with iokita becomes as Easy as Drinking a Glass of water!

Does not require settings complicated. You do not need to install Software, work Online is easy. Easy True?


 Drag & Drop System

Data Base

Create a web site with the System Dra & Drop

BUILD simply Web sites exceptional, by using our platform advanced, fast and easy. You don't need any knowledge of code development, iokita using the Technology DRAG-and-DROP allowing you to Build a Fantastic Web site. Using our Template websites Adjustable ready-you'll be stunned.

Look at our Template websites Adjustable.

Why pay for something you can get it for free.

Surely, you have had the opportunity to visit other online platforms similar to iokita.com or providers of Hosting Space. You must have noticed that all make you pay for each Data Base used, i.e. the data storage space that needs your Professional Website to be created and managed. Well, you're peaceful with us iokita does not happen. You have a Web Site that is from 10/1000 pages, the storage space remains included in the PRO package.

Watch Dozens of Templates ready to Create Websites that are adaptable and ready to use, or uses the Artificial intelligence at your disposal from our platform to Create a Professional Website in a few minutes.







With Applications iokita, anyone can easily create their own web sites unique and completely adaptable to any kind of device.

Immediately after Logging in iokita.com, and start using the Best Business Applications.





You can Quickly Create a Blog, e-Commerce, real Estate web Site or a Booking Service for Travel Agencies, Hotels and Restaurants.

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