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Tired of trying again and again Complicated Software, WebSite Editor, Online of all types, throwing away Time and money on Providers that make "Attractive Offers" to take the Continuous Upgrade more and more expensive to Build and Maintain Your Web Site?


CMS like WordPress, Jumla, PrestaShop, Magento offer basic packages to begin to build Web Sites, Blogs, etc... but then you change your mind that is very limited.


Soon you'll acccorgi that serve a variety of Plug-ins and Professional Templates (for a fee) to have to actually work your Internet site.



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Domains and Subdomains

Simple editor with Drag & Drop system

In the registration phase, if you choose to Create a free website iokita.com it offers you a subdomain with the name you chose, the type (tuonome.iokita.com). this you can use for 30 days, at that point you will need to decide whether to make the advancement to the Professional level. If instead you decide Now to sign up for the Professional plan, you will be prompted to choose a domain name.

iokita provides you with a Powerful Editor with Drag & Drop to Create a Professional Website for you or your Customers. You'll have a Powerful App. that will allow you to create Sliders with Images that scroll, Dozens of special effects that will enliven your images. You can also insert Videos, image Galleries, Portfolios and much more.


 Free Tutorial

Indexing Website SEO

We iokita, we hold to the fact that you can start now to Make your Fantastic Internet Site. For this we provide Free of charge a series of Tutorials that can be Video or in PDF format.

Now, more than ever, it is important to make visible to the search engines like Google, Bing etc., your own Internet Site. But it is more important to be on the First Page of Google for anyone looking for an article, Product or Service you proposed, you are in the top of search results.


Exclusive Plug-in

Web translations in 25 Languages

If what you want is to bring more users or customers in your Web pages, the Internet offers us the opportunity to have visitors from all over the world and potential customers. This is the main reason why we need to have the pages of our website translated in as many languages as possible. Certainly in our case, in addition to the Italian language would be useful to translate at least the Site on the Internet in English, French, Spanish and German. iokita provides you with a system that allows you to automatically translate up to 25 languages, this for the PRO version, while for the free version you can translate only one language.

Some of the reasons why you want to Create a Web Site can be very diverse. Maybe you want to Create a Blog to talk about your passions, an e-Commerce for the sale of the Products you have produced or simply sold, or you are a real Estate Agency and you need to sell your Property on the internet. Any activity you or the Company you're with iokita.com you can Rachieving fantastic web sites thanks to the App , you Can Create e-Commerce, Websites for real Estate Agencies, Photography Sites , or for a Record company. In short, For any need you might have or for your customers iokita is the one for you.

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