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Create Your Web Site as a Expert in 5 Simple Steps @ ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2019


Need an Easy, Fast, Professional to Make Fantastic Web Sites without having to Write a single line of Code.



Free Your imagination...Unleash the Creativity...



Who Cares


Anyone can Create a Web Site.

iokita is a Professional Editor with a technologically Advanced but at the same time easy-to-use for beginners, Professionals and Web Agencies.

Iokita Create Web Sites with Clean Code, approved the W3C.


No limit to upload Images or Video.





iokita is an EDITOR of Web Sites Online, thought

for those who have never Built a Website, but also for Professional Web Design ...


Everyone can benefit from a website Builder the Web and it is definitely very useful to all those who:

• Do not have the capacity to create a web site from Scratch.
• Need to quickly Create their website
• Do not have many money to spend for the Creation and maintenance of the web site.
• Do not know from which side to start to create a web site.
• Want a Platform All In One that you do all the updates, the backups, the security of their website.


Do you want to Create a Website All by yourself Starting from ZERO?

Desk-to-pc is the Constructor of Web Sites the most comprehensive can find.


Our Philosophy is: A WEBSITE FOR EVERYONE.


We're not here to talk about what they offer others and what we do.


Do your research, evaluate what they offer you... you will surely find a multitude of offers, but all with constraints in time, with the growth of your Website and your requirements will lead to further increasing costs.


Example: Free domain Name but only for the first year and only for a web site with the same account, limited bandwidth, storage Space limited to 10-20 Gb, etc...etc


Then you are free to sceglieri any Website Builder also among the more well-known around the World, but few as iokita provide you with a Solution that is All-Inclusive and UNLIMITED in Time, to a very Small Figure.


We are So Confident of our Service that will Give you the Opportunity to Try 30 Days for Free and start Building your Website Today.



All you have to do are a few simple clicks, a form to fill out and you will have
Created Your FANTASTIC Web Site ... always!

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